Document management system project report pdf

Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign Up. School Management System project is a desktop application which is developed in C.

document management system project report pdf

NET platform. This C. NET project with tutorial and guide for developing a code. School Management System is a open source you can Download zip and edit as per you need. If you want more latest C.

NET projects here. This is simple and basic level small project for learning purpose. Also you can modified this system as per your requriments and develop a perfect advance level project.

document management system project report pdf

Zip file containing the source code that can be extracted and then imported into visual studio. This script developed by mohd arif. This software code helpful in academic projects for final year students. We have a great collection of C. NET projects. This doucment file contains project Synopsis, Reports, and various diagrams.

Also abstract pdf file inside zip so that document link below the page. Complete ready made open source code free of cost download.

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You can find Top Downloaded C. School Management System. It is a desktop Application. A banking System Project in C. Net with full functionality and application in it. In the present system the is no such application level system provisions in the country to carry out the voting and procedure as a whole.

Also in the present statusthere is no such application in use for automated system for voting according This project is developed using C language. Here, at first the user has to pass through login system to get access, then the user can view check-in list, enter check-in and check-out records, view and fill reservation form, add and list rooms, gues Hospital Management System is a simple desktop application developed using C Language. The Project is based on the concept of managing hospital patient, staff records and more.

Talking about the system, a user has to pass through a login system for Inventory System is develop By Ganesh in c.Open source document management system has become a necessity for every organization to manage its documents with utmost efficiency.

There are several free as well as paid document management software on the internet today that will help you to accomplish this job without any hassle.

However, the first thing that you need to understand before moving on to buying one is what these systems are all about. As mentioned earlier, a document management system is essential for bringing efficiency to the process of managing important documents for your company. Every company, irrespective of its size, generates a lot of important documents. The DMS software stores, tracks, manages and keeps your important files safe without any trouble.

Take a look at the top ten free open source document management systems before you finalize your purchase:. An electronic document as well as record management system, OpenKM is a well-known name amongst most organizations.

One of the best things about the OpenKM free document management system is that it allows you to set different rules and logic to automate the process of documentation. The OpenKM document management system comes with a powerful tracking system and it allows you to collaborate with your colleagues on various projects.

While the first two are paid versions whose prices are not publicly disclosed and can be obtained on a quote basis, the community plan is free. The community version allows you to modify and develop the software as you wish under the norms of General Public License version 2. But it lacks the detailed knowledge base and extensive support that the paid versions offer. The OpenDocMan document tracking system is one of the valuable additions to our list.

Being completely web-based, this software is compatible with MySQL5 database. It functions seamlessly on all operating systems. Moreover, the OpenDocMan features an automatic installer as well as an updater for efficient usage. The OpenDocMan document management system allows you to create custom properties for your documents. Plus, it also features powerful indexing and security features. This software comes in two different versions, namely community, and enterprise.

Top 10 Free and Open Source Document Management System

The community version is the free one and is more suited for the developers as it allows you to customize the software as you need. However, the free version lacks one-click installation, auto-update, performance dashboard and several other features that Enterprise plan offers.Tours and Travel Management System. Chapter 8 Customer query management system Security. Customer query management system project Report. Feasibility Report - Consumer query management system project.

Estate Agent Management System project report. Web Based Claim Processing system project report. The objective of this project is to develop a system that automates the processes and activities of a travel agency.

In this project, We will make an easier task of searching places and for booking train, flight or bus. In the present system a customer has to approach various agencies to find details of places and to book tickets.

This often requires a lot of time and effort. We provide approach skills to critically examine how a tourist visits and its ability to operate in an appropriate way when dealing with the consequences of tourism, locally, regionally, and nationally including visitor security and ecological influences.

It is tedious for a customer to plan a particular journey and have it executed properly. Objectives This application is develop to provide best travelling services to the customers and travel agents. We have developed tours and travel management system to provide a search platform where a tourist can find their tour places according to their choices. This system also helps to promote responsible and interesting tourism so that people can enjoy their holidays at their favorable places.

This system also helps to develop tourism with different cultures so that they enrich the tourism experience and build pride. We develop this system to create and promote forms of tourism that provide healthy interaction opportunities for tourists and locals and increase better understanding of different cultures, customs, lifestyles, traditional knowledge and believes. This system also provide a better way to connect with various events. This system also gives tours related information like which places are tourist attractions, cities, and provinces.

Tourist can also get the Map and navigation system and temperature and weather information. Tourist can also book tours through our tours and travels management system.

This system also keeps a history of visited places of its users. Below are the modules of this application Modules of travel and tour management system User Management a. User profile. Update information. Role based rights.

This module provides administrator related functionality like from this module use can add route information, bus information, train information, flight information, tour packages, travel packages, bus seat details, etc. From this module Admin can view daily, weekly and monthly report. This module is develop for admin of the website and admin can add, delete, edit and view the data related to places, travels, routes, bookings from this module.

Manage user information.You seem to have CSS turned off. Please don't fill out this field. As business grows, Capturing, Storing and Sharing corporate knowledge is vital to the success of business. Electronic Document Management System EDMS is the best solution for managing information more efficiently, accurately, and cost-effectively.

EDMS improves organizational effectiveness by providing companies with greater ability to manage their unstructured information.

Provides tight security, ensuring that only people authorized to review or edit a document have access to it. EDMS is a fully Browser based system developed in Java and needs no client component for implementation, when deployed either in the Intranet or over the Internet.

Document Management System Web Site. Please provide the ad click URL, if possible:. Help Create Join Login. Operations Management.

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Menu Help Create Join Login. Document Management System This project is for managing documents in an organisation effectively Status: Beta. Get project updates, sponsored content from our select partners, and more. Full Name. Phone Number.Online Document Management System facilitates storing and maintenance of various kinds of user documents. Developed using Java programming language, this web-based system allows users to perform routine tasks such as storing, organizing, retrieving, modifying and maintaining files and documents.

This project is currently available for download with its complete Java source code, design specifications and diagrams system architecture, use case diagram, class diagram and activity diagramand sample screenshots. Project documentation, report, and ppt are not available at the moment. So, refer the description below for project synopsis. Google DocsThink Free Officeand Zoho Office Suite are some of the most common online office suites that can be accessed on the internet.

These are similar in many aspects as all of them allow you to perform operations such as creating files and documents, presentations, spreadsheets, etc. Further, you can share and collaborate your work with other users. Creating your own documents can be started from scratch or you can import existing documents you created using Microsoft Office or WordPad on your computer.

With the existing systems, saving can be done in various formats such as doc, csv, pdf, rtf, html, xls, ods, and many more. Best thing about the existing document management systems is that most of them are free.

Just with these free services, you can manage hundreds of documents and files. Despite the good points aforementioned, there are some problems in the existing system such as:. The proposed document management system is just like the existing system, but with more features. It allows users to register into the system and log in directly from following time. So, it is secured and very user-friendly. While users use the system via front end, there will be an administrator at the back end whose role is to monitor activities and tasks.

Admins are assigned the task of maintaining all files and documents uploaded by the users. Users get fast access to their documents upon organization from the back end.

document management system project report pdf

With the proposed online document management system, files and document creation, review, organization, sharing, and modification can all be done seamlessly. In addition to that, this application can generate periodical reports as per user requirements and operations. Friday, April 17, Code with C. Projects Java Projects.To browse Academia. Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Nagaa Firdiisaa. K V Pramod Head of the Dept.

I express my heart-felt gratitude to our Head of the Department, Dr. V Pramod, for having given me the opportunity to complete this project successfully. I wish to extend my sincere thanks to Mrs. I thank her for the timely suggestions and constant encouragement that led to the accomplishment of this project.

I also take this opportunity to thank my external guide Mr. Last but not the least, I take this opportunity to express my sincere word of gratitude and thanks to all the staffs of the Department, my parents, friends and all my well wishers ,who had supported me directly or indirectly, to complete my project successfully.

NET to create software for managing files by providing a web solution for them. The web solution provides facility for manipulating the internal operation of the firm. Document Management System is an efficient, time saving and easy way to report,view and control the version of a file. It is now an easy task and managing it is much easier.

DMS, a suite of programs that automates away most of the drudgery involved in keeping an annotated history of your project and avoiding modification conflicts. Most DMS share the same basic logic.

To use one, start by registering a collection of source files — that is, telling your DMS to start archive files describing their change histories. Thereafter, when you want to edit one of these files, you have to check out the file — assert an exclusive lock on it. When you're done, you check in the file, adding your changes to the archive, releasing the lock, and entering a change comment explaining what you did.

TITLE 1. Our programs cover threshold technology subjects in several areas including Microsoft Technologies, Open Source Technologies, Internet Programming, Multimedia, and Administration.

Our Major Training Programs are 1. On Job Training 2. Academic Projects 3.Stay collaborative with document management capabilities in Projectplace. Make sure all stakeholders have the information they need with the file sharing and document management tools in Projectplace. Timely access to the right version of documents is critical to making plans a reality.

Projectplace makes this easy; a highly secure document repository, collaboration features, and a powerful document sharing tools come together to streamline:.

Projectplace offers many ways to collaborate using documents: shared docs are one of the best ways to communicate across teams and geographies during project setup, while the work is in flight, as a way to communicate to management, and during project post-mortems. Share documents with team members and with others in the company who have relevant information to contribute during review cycles.

Projectplace streamlines sharing by enabling it at nearly every turn:. This online file sharing contextualizes documents for execution by keeping them linked to the activity that team members are performing, while speeding the communication of vital information across organizational and geographic boundaries. The central document repository provides a secure place from which to share documents.

It also makes it easy to set up folders in a way that makes sense for your team and projects. Using an intuitive folder hierarchy, you can get as granular as needed.

Set up complex nested folders to house the documents that will help drive decisions for your projects. Filter the file structure view to see what documents are in review or have been recently changed, or click on a file to see all the documents it houses, and see at a glance important metadata about each document:. You can use a current document repository as a template for new repositories —— including everything from structures to actual documents — to save you time in the future, or export the file structure view into Microsoft Excel for review and discussion.

Document access rights are important to keeping your projects running smoothly. Allowing all stakeholders to access and edit all documents can slow down execution, and some information is eyes-only. It can feel complicated without the right tools. The document sharing tools in Projectplace simplify access rights controls.

They are located in the central document repository: set them for the entire repository, or get as complex as you want, folder by folder, with just the click of a mouse. Confidently proceed with your project and allow document sharing, knowing that you have specified who can see and edit which documents.

M-Files - Easy Document Management Software Demo

This adds another layer of security to your projects and helps speed your plans along. Versioning is a vital part of file sharing and document management. Locating the most recent version of a document is key to project execution.

The more collaborative your environment, the more challenging this task often is.


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